Automotive paint protection film can be designed and installed to protect your hood, fenders, headlights, fog lights, mirrors, bumpers, rocker panels, door edges and any other vulnerable painted areas. In fact, entire hoods and door panels can be covered.

This virtually invisible barrier becomes a clear protective "bra" that conforms to a vehicle’s vulnerable painted areas. When properly cared for, this protective 8mil urethane film will last for years. No special maintenance – simply clean, wash and wax your vehicle regularly!

  • A properly installed Clear Bra is the best solution to protect your vehicle’s expensive finish.
  • Paint protection adds to its resale value and prevents costly wear and tear charges on a leased vehicle.
  • Paint protection greatly reduces damage caused by sand, gravel, dirt and other road debris.
  • PPF is an added layer of protection that creates a flexible barrier from UV rays and other harsh elements.
  • A Clear Bra will not change or detract from the design or aerodynamics of your vehicle.
  • A Clear Bra is easily replaced if damaged, saving you money on costly touch ups and repairs.

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You invest thousands of dollars to purchase or lease a new vehicle. It’s in your best interest to ensure it continues to look it’s best!

Clear Bra FAQ

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF) or “Clear Bra”?

A virtually invisible self-adhesive, clear-coated polyurethane film that conforms to a vehicle’s vulnerable painted areas. This clear film provides the best protection for your vehicle’s expensive factory finish.

What areas should I protect?

The most vulnerable areas include the front leading edge of the hood & fenders, the front painted section of the bumper and the side mirrors.

Other areas you might consider protecting: Rocker panels, A-Pillars, Trunk ledges, Front portion of roof, door cups and door edges.

Can headlights be protected with the PPF?

Yes, our computer software design program provides protection film kits for headlights and fog lights.

Can the entire hood and fenders be protected?

Yes, many of our customers are choosing this additional coverage.

Do you use pre-cut kits?

Our computer cut vehicle specific patterns provide the best fit and coverage, although some applications require hand cut installations which we are highly skilled at performing.

When should I have a Clear Bra applied to my vehicle?

We find that many of our repeat customers have a Clear Bra applied soon after they purchase a new vehicle. We strongly recommend this to prevent early damage.

Is Paint Protection Film self-healing?

The Paint Protection Film we install has self-healing properties. Light scratches and minor swirl marks self-heal with heat from the sun or warm water, restoring the film’s gloss.

How do I care for this product?

Your newly installed Clear Bra is safe to wash after 4 days. Keep high pressure nozzles or wands at least 24 inches away from film edges.

When properly cared for, this protection film will last for years. No special maintenance-simply wash and wax your vehicle on regular basis.

Does the Clear Bra come with a warranty?

Your newly installed Clear Bra comes with a 10 year Limited Manufactures warranty from the time of purchase when installed on a vehicle with a factory finish. This covers manufacturer defects. Covered defects include yellowing, cracking, or delaminating.

This does not cover damage due to abuse of product or normal wear and tear.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes, we accept all major Credit Cards.

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